LOTUS BUN 荷叶包 (10X1)
LOTUS BUN 荷叶包 (10X1) Steamed Dim Sum Malaysia, Johor, Kulai Supply, Supplier, Manufacturer | Ciasiang Foods Sdn Bhd
Deliver to Whole Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia) 
Some of the area we still unable to cover
【Dispatch Schedule】
West Malaysia - Monday to Thursday
Kelantan & Terengganu - Monday to Tuesday
Klang Valley- Tuesday & Thursday
*1-2 working days to arrive after dispatched out*
Parcel is delivery by partner logistic operator.
All our product is fully cooked and ready to serve. Just need to reheat it and serve. Suitable to business F&B and house dishes preparation.
Storage Guide: 
Freezer can be stored for one year 
Chiller can be stored for one week 
*Actual expire date please refer to packaging*
Please put the product(s) to freezer at least one night upon receiving the goods.
提供送货服务至西马 *除特定地区*
西马 - 星期一至四
吉兰丹 和 登嘉楼 – 星期一至二
Klang Valley- 星期二和四
冷冻柜 一年 (实际日期请参考包装上)
冷藏柜 一星期(实际日期请参考包装上)
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